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The Early Days

The beginning of the company dates back to 1946. We produce high quality doors and windows from natural wood ever since. Until 1980s the base of production were casement windows. Many years of experience allowed us to introduce modern (at the time) technology, which made production of single-framed, double glazed, turning windows possible.

Present day

Currently produced windows and doors are characterized with modern design, high quality and innovative technical solutions. Special attention should be paid to double weather seals, aluminium drips on both frame and casement and “soft line” profile with rounded edges.

Our products are made from many species of carefully selected, triple-layer laminated wood: from native pine and oak through Siberian larch to exotic species like red meranti, eucalyptus, Sumatran maple and white seraya. Our company cares about natural environment, using ecological methods of production. Our doors and windows are double spray painted after double dip impregnation using water-based environment friendly lacquers. It guarantees not only highest quality coat, resistant to extraneous agents for many years, but also protects the environment . Windows and doors made at Fila gained recognition not only in Poland. High quality and production process fulfilling strict ecological norms allowed entry to very demanding markets in Germany, France and Italy.